Ghost Music Academy, where experienced DJs and producers who have performed in Turkey's best known electronic music venues train, was established to convey their knowledge and experiences to new faces who are burning with electronic music love. Our mission is always to increase the electronic music audience in Turkey and to announce and popularize this music genre.

Working in partnership with the Ghost Music Academy structure, Ghost Organization, as more than a music academy, aims to support everyone who wants to reach the masses who are devoted to electronic music, who performs as a DJ from behind the stage, or who wants to produce electronic music and make their name known, offering the best quality to the audience in front of the stage. aimed to present the feast of music.

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We are now faced with the production of a much larger amount of electronic music. The reason this makes things difficult is because as a DJ you have to listen to a ton of things to spot the good ones. But I think that's a good thing because electronic music production used to be an "elite" thing. Equipment was expensive and you had to have money. I remember when I first started selling my turntables so I could buy synthesizers. It is no longer needed. You can make millions like Avicii by getting a computer and downloading the necessary software.

Billboard – 2016 - Sascha Ring

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In addition, you can announce your music to the masses with the opportunity to broadcast your mixes on radio and online streaming platforms from our contracted channels!