Ghost Music Academy & Dj Agency

Who We Are?, Our Mission

Ghost Music Academy, where experienced DJs and producers who have performed in Turkey's best known electronic music venues train, was established to convey their knowledge and experience to new faces who are burning with electronic music love.
Our mission is always to increase the electronic music audience in Turkey and in the world, and to announce and popularize this music genre.


Ghost Dj School and Production Course with Pioneer license agreement in Istanbul is ready to convey all of its knowledge and experience on the way to becoming a DJ!

Ghost Music Academy, which provides training with professional Pioneer High-End equipment, also offers Ableton, FL Studio, Studio One lessons by expert staff for those who want to take their disc jockey career one step further.

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Training Packages

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Your dream of being a DJ and performing can come true with Ghost Dj Academy, a Pioneer Pro Dj certified music institute. Be one step ahead in your career with Production and Mixing - Mastering training!

Pioneer Pro
Dj Course

  • 32 Hour (16 Lesson)
  • Setup Installation, Introduction
  • Electronic Music Definition and Editing
  • Basic and Alternative Mixing Techniques
  • Frequency and Mix Balance
  • Using FX, CFX, Loop
  • DJ Software

Music Production
(DAW) Course

  • 32 Hour (16 Lesson)
  • Arrangement Window, Clip Lineup
  • Introduction to Midi
  • DAW software, Synthesizer
  • Audio and Midi Recording
  • Basic Mixing - Mastering
  • Project Delivery and Guidance

Mixing - Mastering

  • 24 Hour (12 Lesson)
  • Introduction to Mixing and Basic Concepts
  • Micro Grouping Organization
  • Spectral Width
  • Introduction to Mastering and Method
  • Reference Determination
  • Limiting

The training topics in the packages only cover the basic topics.
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